justanothersunflower asked:

Hi Lazyyogi! I've been worried about this for some time now (two and a half years, to be exact). I feel like I need to lose weight, everyone around me says I'm crazy but I can't stop thinking--and talking--about it. I feel I'm driving everyone around me as well as myself completely insane. I'm at the end of my rope about this--I know there are people that have real problems and I'm not one of them--but I feel like I'm caught in a cycle of obsession. What can I do? Thank you; you're beautiful.

lazyyogi answered:

Try not to confuse happiness itself with the ideas you have about how to attain happiness. Right now you think losing weight will make you happy. Regardless of where that idea came from, it is incorrect. 

The only thing you need to lose in order to be at peace and happy is confusion. Telling yourself anything else means putting off happiness and instead waiting for impermanent circumstances to align. And given the impermanent nature of those circumstances, that alignment will only be temporary. Then you get caught up in the struggle to preserve or maintain your limited form of happiness. 

Amidst the struggle to attain and then preserve, where is the actual happiness? Clarify to yourself as often as necessary, moment after moment, that what you seek is peace, freedom, and happiness. Not the limited forms which you have mistakenly assumed will give you those things. 

To break your cyclic obsession, cease looking for happiness where it is not to be found. The primary medium for your current compulsion is your mind and its thinking habits. Therefore practicing meditation so as to become conscious of those thinking habits without perpetuating them will help to dissolve their momentum while stopping you from adding to it. 

Meditate 15-30 minutes a day. Practice mindfulness throughout the day, meaning keep as much attention within your mind-body as you have going outward through your sensory experience. Notice and recognize every time you are habitually complaining about your body, then stop it. Complaining is just a form of non-acceptance. No happiness is found through non-acceptance. A book on mindfulness practice that I would strongly recommend is The Power of Now by Eckhart Tolle. 

I also wrote a response not long ago about body image, which you may also find helpful. 

Namaste :) Much love